1. Blog April 2022

This subject is very close to my heart – owning a Manufacturing Business here in Adelaide until 2022 and now rebuilding, I thought it was a good time to give you some other information as to why you should try and support all Australian made Manufacturing.

Why should we support Australian Made products whenever we can –

Manufacturing contributes about six per cent of Australia’s GDP and supports 862,200 jobs. It also punches above its weight in its contribution to R&D and is a growing contributor to our exports.

Australian workers in manufacturing are among the most skilled in the world, highly trained in manufacturing execution systems and quality control.

One positive that has come from Covid is that more designers are wanting to have their garments made here which is causing a more positive outcome BUT then the cost is what stops people, so more people that support it will bring costs down….

Manufacturing on the rise: Best industry performance in years. Latest figures indicate the local manufacturing industry has enjoyed a resurgence resulting from increased demand, and it’s having knock-on effects for employment.

Which household brands are still Australian owned?

Is Vegemite made in Australia?

Bega Cheese Limited purchased the VEGEMITE brand in 2017, returning VEGEMITE to Australian ownership for the first time in over 90 years. VEGEMITE has been proudly made in Port Melbourne, Australia since 1923.

Which peanut butter is Australian?

bega Peanut Butter – Australia’s favourite peanut butter* is now Australian owned by Bega. Made with the same recipe in Australia for over 50 years, it’s never oily, never dry with the same taste you’ve always loved!

Is weetbix Australian?

still 100 per cent Australian-owned and made, today Weet-Bix is sold in some 22 countries across the world.

How can you tell if food is Australian made?

If you’re not entirely sure if something is made in Australia, the good news is that there’s a few ways to check:

I want to thank all of you for being loyal customers to Jem and keeping us going through the hardest times I have ever know.  We have been around for about 40 years and really hope can survive the next few.  I would love to give you VIP customers a gift of $20 OFF you next purchase if you come in or phone your order through by the end of APRIL 2022