Love Luna Leakage Midi Brief

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Love Luna Lady Leaks Leakage Brief – Midi

  • Love Luna Leakage Brief Midi supporting you through that everyday cough, laugh, sneeze and lift. No stress Luna Lover we’ve all been there! Patented sealed seams for no leaks, anti-odour for no smell and moisture-wicking so you feel dry.
  • What makes Love Luna Leakage Brief so magic is its super comfortable inbuilt 5 ultra-thin layer technology. Has a moisture-wicking inner layer, antibacterial & anti-odour layers and a leak-proof barrier so you stay confident and leak-free
  • Love Luna Leakage Brief Midi absorbs 40ml (8 teaspoons).
  • Earth Impact: Pantyliners take 500 years to decompose. Reduced disposables = less waste to landfill.
  • Care Instructions: Washable, reusable & easy to care for.
How does this underwear actually work? It’s all thanks to 5 layers of protection:
1. Soft lining: Moisture-wicking, antibacterial & anti-odour inner layer closest to your skin
2. Quick-dry layer: Antibacterial & anti-odour 2 ply layer for freshness.
3. Additional quick-dry layer: Antibacterial & anti-odour 2 ply layer for freshness.
4. Leak-proof layer: Super absorbent waterproof layer for zero leaks!
5. Sleek microfibre outer: So it looks like normal underwear, we know this is important.

Absorbent]      Love Luna Leakage Brief       Waterproof]       Stretch


Rinse & Reuse

Leakage Briefs are washable, reusable and easy to care for. Wash separately or with the rest of your laundry.

Love Luna was created by a team of women who, along with having 20+ years’ experience designing intimates, also share the common bond of a ‘leak’ story, or two. The simple act of sharing their stories led them to decide enough was enough!

The Gals at Luna HQ decided it was time for a game-changer, and so Love Luna was born. Every day and night time, Period and Leakage  Briefs that are comfortable, promise leak-free protection and are both affordable and accessible!


Why are your products so cheap? Are you ethical?
We have a brilliant relationship with our Lady Boss supplier in Indonesia, she takes care of her staff & us (making sure global ethical standards are a high priority). We have done everything at our end to ensure the costs make Luna accessible for every woman. We believe sanitary items are not a premium purchase and that’s what we work towards every day!


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