Bathers – Why are they falling apart?

Buying Swimwear is as bad as going to the dentist and then they fall apart on you!!!

Yes, swimwear shopping can be very tough but with the right information, you can make it a good experience……

So your bathers have fallen apart yet again.  Why after all my efforts of trying on and actually finding a nice bather I wear them a few times and they are stretched/faded and look awful.

Did you know you can actually buy swimwear that does look good and will last? No? well, you can!

There is a fabric that withstands the heated indoor and outdoor chlorinated pools, the cruise ship’s pools, the resort pools and also to a certain level even spas!

OK so I have your attention – and now you might be asking me some of the following questions too as you possibly are not aware of different choices in fabrics:

Does the fabric give support?  Yes Yes Yes it is very supportive, it is a polyester base so does not have the spandex and elastane content which is the stretchy fabric (the elastomeric in these fabrics is the bit that causes them to stretch and fall apart fairly quickly).  They come in all shapes and sizes so you can have ones with bust support for those of us that have a heavy bust.  With full bottom cover for those of us who have children and grandchildren that we take swimming and often tummy support to help hold in the loose tummy muscles.

Will I look Good in them and will my husband/partner approve? Because there are so many styles to choose from and here at Jem we offer an individual service and you will definitely go away with a bather that you look great in and if you are happy we are sure your other half will be too.

Can I use them to do my hydrotherapy/aqua/swimming in them?  This is a YES again, here at Jem we do have that in mind with the swimwear we hold so many styles have a higher back for great support, this works well for exercise but is also great for casual wear too – as it helps cover those little bits on our backs that we all hate.  Also with various leg cuts, we can suit all of you

What about colours?  Again we have such a large amount of swimsuits to try there will be a colour to suit your skin tone (keep an eye out for my blog on skin tone and colours and body shapes coming soon)

I have a hard to fit body, how will I ever find a swimsuit that will work? Well, here at Jem we do have many different styles that do suit many different body shapes.  BUT if you can not find the right fit, we do manufacture and we can make it up for you!!!!!

I really do not like my body in swimwear.  How can you help me?I think many of us suffer from that feeling.  I also think if you come in to buy swimwear thinking that you possibly will struggle – I always say to my customers please be open minded and do not be hard on yourself.  Look for a swimsuit that will suit your body shape, and with our help, you will have a few to look at.  Look at different colours and patterns, it is amazing what colour can do to you.  Look at modesty if you are very self-conscious and remember generally we are all more worried about our own bodies to worry about someone elses!

I already have a great pair of bathers that I really love, they are just past wearing?

If you have a pair of old faithfuls that you really can not find a replacement for bringing them in.  Our factory cutter has specialised in making swimsuits for almost 40 years – we can probably make something the same or very similar!  Remember to ask us about chlorine resistant fabrics

A couple of extra tips….

Chlorine resistance holds its shape and colour for much longer than the spandex and elastane fabrics – this means that the fit over the bust will keep firm, the legs will feel firm – if you have kids little things like bending over to assist them at the pool on the beach, the bottom cover will be good, when in the water and they grab at you the straps will keep firm. There are parts of bathers that are not chlorine resistant being cups, elastics and some linings but we do offer a product that will assist with them also having a longer life, tog wash, ask us and we can tell you all about it.

All the Jem staff are here to help you firstly and sell to you secondly, so feel confident in getting the correct fit and a bather that suits you