So I purchased my swimwear that I needed that “last longer”

You took that step and found out about Chlorine Resistant swimwear, great work.  Now you ask yourself, how do I care for my swimwear to keep them looking good for as long as I can?

If you have already visited Jem one of the lovely girls would have told you about our recommended way to care for your new swimsuit.

Tog Wash– it’s a great product that we get in from Vorgee. It’s an Australian owned company (we got onto this product through a customer). Being an Australian owned business ourselves we love to support all Australian business.


So all you have to do to care for your swimwear is use Tog Wash as soon as you can after you have used them in chlorine.

Second Tip

If you do not use your swimwear regularly it is even more important to rinse them in the tog Wash and dry fully. A great tip is to put them into a sealed bag – (oxygen also makes various parts of your garment deteriorate.) The sandwich bags are great for this.

If you use your swimwear often, it is important to get as long as you can out of them. There are repairers that could replace things like the rubbers and elastics. These are the parts that generally break down first.  If you feel the elastics and rubbers have stretched, it is important to get them replaced BEFORE they have no stretch. To unpick the fabric around them is almost impossible if they have no stretch at all – as by then the rubber has melted.

The important thing to remember is that firstly swimwear does not last forever. Just like your joggers if you play tennis, netball etc – but you can care for your swimwear to lengthen their life a little bit by looking after them properly.