This is a big question, with the terrible effects of the sun causing premature aging, sun damage and skin cancer, do we do enough for ourselves and our children & grandchildren?

The old saying of Slip, Slop, Slap – is this enough?

I have given you a few tips to be more sun smart………………………………………………….

The first and best one is to use UV protective clothing – wearing sun tops yourself and for the kids is a big must BUT make sure they are UV protective and remember that the protection in some fabrics does not last as long as in other fabrics – for instance in the fashionable lycra fabric the UV protection is high initially but as fabrics break down the protection diminishes.  The chlorine resistant fabric definitely holds together longer as does the protection so make sure your garments for swimming are chlorine resistant even if you are just at the beach.

Sunscreen is a must and even when the sun is not out you should be putting it on – with kids do it as part of your morning routine as a precaution, then when out and about carry the small tube in your bag to replenish.   Keep in mind how often you should be re-applying when at the beach or outdoor pools.  Also when playing the sport you sweat and will need to keep that in mind.

Protect your scalp – how many times do I walk on the beach and forget to take my hat – so pop a hat in the car so always handy – there are many swim hats for the kiddies and we really need to protect them (I know they often hate wearing them but start at a young age and you will crack it}

Now the slip, slop, slap does not take in the eyes – so sunglasses are a must too – there are some great small sizes out there and very little cost.


There is no such thing as safe sunning – “I will only be out in it for a short while”  “Just want my legs to go brown”

Even if you never burn you are damaging your skin and putting yourself at a higher risk of developing skin cancer

People with dark skin can still burn and develop skin cancer

It is not just a SUMMER thing, even in the cooler months the UV can be high – so be careful all year round.

Lastly, there is an app now to keep you informed and help with questions “see UV

So now remember SLIP SLOP SLAP SEEK AND SLIDE……………………………