Love Luna Period Brief – Midi

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Love Luna Period Brief – Midi

  • The midi brief gives great coverage. It’s the perfect shape for sport or everyday use.
  • This underwear is magic because of its super comfortable inbuilt pad. The four layers of protection include a soft cotton lining, absorbent and breathable padding, a waterproof layer and a sleek microfibre outer. Measuring only 3mm in thickness, the padding area is discreet for everyday wear.
  • Absorbs 10-15ml (2-3 regular tampons) & can be worn on its own or as a backup.
  • Earth Impact: Pantyliners take 500 years to decompose. Reduced disposables = less waste to landfill.
  • Care Instructions: Washable, reusable & easy to care for.

How does this period brief actually work? Well, firstly it is a backup brief. This means that you can ditch those bulky pads and leave those wings on the runway because now, you can comfortably wear a light liner, tampon or cup and know that these briefs are your line of defence. The 4 layers of protection include:



Rinse & Reuse

Washable, reusable and easy to care for. Wash separately or with the rest of your laundry.

Love Luna was created by a team of women who, along with having 20+ years’ experience designing intimates, also share the common bond of a ‘leak’ story, or two. The simple act of sharing their stories led them to decide enough was enough!

The Gals at Luna HQ decided it was time for a game-changer, and so Love Luna was born. Every day and night time, Leakage and Period Briefs that are comfortable, promise leak-free protection and are both affordable and accessible!


Why are your products so cheap? Are you ethical?
We have a brilliant relationship with our Lady Boss supplier in Indonesia, she takes care of her staff & us (making sure global ethical standards are a high priority). We have done everything at our end to ensure the costs make Luna accessible for every woman. We believe sanitary items are not a premium purchase and that’s what we work towards every day!


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Beige, Black

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